Training & Facilitation, Consulting, and Assisstance

To enhance the service and activities on training, PIRAC established PIRAC Fundraising School. PIRAC Fundraising School offers fundraising training and other capacity building trainings for non-profit organizations in Indonesia such as issues on organizational sustainability, organizational planning and development, business development, etc. The trainings are expected as means of learning for social organization activists to improve their awareness, knowledge, and skill on fundraising.

Trainings Themes

Fundraising Training

1. Fundamental Fundraising Training
2. Strategic Planning for Fundraising
3. Donor -based Fundraising Training
4. TOT (Training of Trainer) on Fundraising
5. Corporate Fundraising Training
6. Creating Winning Fundraising for Women Empowerment
7. Hypnofundraising
8. Social Media for Campaign and Fundraising
9. Communication Marketing
10. The Art of Writing for Proposal

Organizational Strengthening Training

1. Project Cycle Management Training
2. Crazy (Creative Amazing Easy) Facilitator Training
3. Program Planning and Monitoring
4. Developing Advocacy Movement
5. Project Management Training
6. Lobby, Negosiation, and Communication Training
7. Business Development Training
8. Entrepreneurship Training for Beginner
9. Design Thinking Training
10. The Art of Facilitation
11. AID Accountability Training
12. Successful Project Development Training

In general, the trainings conduct through applicative methods for adult education, which is inviting the participants into group discussion, sharing experiences in the forums, demonstrations, case studies, games, and practices. Also, Sekolah Fundraising PIRAC is expertise in providing team building and outbond. Sekolah Fundraising PIRAC opens a regular class per month and provides training facilitator services to other institutions, as well as other trainings with selected topics.

PIRAC Fundraising School serves the needs of facilitation, consulting and assisstance for resource mobilization activities, volunteerisme and partnerships with the private sector that needed by civil society organizations. This consultation and assistance are part of the applicative knowledge which developed by PIRAC and as an effort to encourage the development of philanthropy, partnership and resource mobilization in Indonesia.

Consulting services, facilitation and assisstance that we provide are included:

  • Facilitation for fundraising training: PIRAC offers consulting services, facilitation and assisstance through fundraising training packages organized independently by other organizations.
  • Facilitation for institutional development: PIRAC offers facilitation and consulting services to develop a good governance for donor agencies, NGOs and other service provider agencies: designing self-protection employee/ independent insurance management, assessment for institutional capacity and designing for institutional independence financially.
  • Facilitation/ assisstance to develop organizational program and strategic planning, such as: making institutional strategic plan, designing program using RBM / LFA and Outcomes Mapping, Integration technique of gender equality within the logical framework program, integration and review gender equality in planning and implementation of research, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Team building facilitation, achievement motivation training (AMT) and Outbound: PIRAC offers outbound package to encapsulate interest for team building within organization. This package is good for institution gatherings.

Some of the trainings that have been conducted by PIRAC :

  • Training for proposal writing and fundraising strategy for Partner ToGETHER, support by Caritas Germany, 2022
  • Training for workshops and coaching on sustainability strategies for Peduli partners, in collaboration with TAF, IKA and PIRAC, 2020
  • Training for resource persons Building Sustainability of trade unions and labor sector CSOs, collaboration between PIRAC and FNV , 2020
  • Training for PIPE SDG. PIRAC, YBA, and Campaign. Collaboration, 2019
  • Training for Successful Fundraising, Supported by Planas, 2017
  • Training for develop strategies for resource mobilization and institutional sustainability, organized by Yayasan Bina Budaya, 2017
  • Training for TOT facilitators build effective partnerships, hosted by Mercy Corps, 2016
  • Training for build effective partnerships with companies, organized by the Ministry of Health’s Promkes RI Marcy Corps Indonesia. Etc , 2016
  • Training for Corporate Fundraising organized by PIRAC , 2016
  • Training for Managing Effective Partnership for Development, organized by Mercy Corps , 2016
  • Training for Manage Effective Partnerships for Sustainable Development with
    Companies organized by the Ministry of Health’s Promkes RI , 2016
  • Training for proposal writing and communication for fundraising, organized by Mercy Corps Indonesia, 2015
  • Training for Lobbying and Negotiation organized by PMI Bali Province, 2015
  • Training for ISO 26000-Based Corporate Fundraisingr, held by the PIRAC Fundraising School, 2015
  • Training for Fundraising Basic , organized by the PIRAC, 2015
  • Training for Creative Fundraising for Women Empowerment, organized by PIRAC, 2014
  • Training for Pasar Sejahtera Program Community Fundraising Training organized by Danamon Foundation, 2014
  • Training for KID Partner Strantening Organization organized by the Indonesian Community for Democracy, 2014