PIRAC (Public Interest Research and Advocacy Center) in bahasa Yayasan Penelitian dan advokasi Publik Depok is an independent and non-profit organization, which offers services in research, training, consultation, facilitation, advocacy, and information dissemination in the fields of philanthropy, resource mobilization and strengthening civil society organization in Indonesia.

PIRAC’s vision is to create empowered, prosperous, and caring society.

PIRAC’s mission

1) To foster awareness of giving in an organized way;
2) To improve civil society organization capacity in fundraising & resource management;
3) To encourage the improvement of social responsibility for public and private institutions;
4) To encourage the realization of conducive policies and law systems for philanthropic activities and non-profit sectors;
5) To develop new knowledge in the fields of philanthropy, resource mobilization and civil society organization;
6) Facilitate the process of inter-sectoral partnerships.


PIRAC believes that the success of the program implementation is due to the support from many parties. One of the strategies used by PIRAC in program implementation is to collaborate or partner with CSOs (Civil Society organizations), Government and Private/Companies as well as other parties (philanthropic institutions or international donors. PIRAC is often a bridge for collaboration between CSOs and other parties ( international donors/companies) and serve as intermediary institutions